Galactica: Metaphysics and Hidden Knowledge

Posted on March 22, 2009
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Following on from Battlestar Galactica: Symbolism and Mythology, I wanted to write another piece on some of the many other subtle themes contained within the series.  First I want to take a moment to explain that neither my previous piece on Battlestar Galactica nor this piece are intended as a ‘Galactica Deconstruction’; there are many things around us that are more than the sum of their parts, and when you ‘deconstruct’ them you lose that special essence.  This is the same with nearly all things in life; however if you simply watch the dynamic flow of reality then you will see.  There is a vast difference in perspective between those who categorize, label and compartmentalise, and those who notice the connected flow that life has.  Both of my Galactica articles are written from this latter perspective. 

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Nikola Tesla, was perhaps one of the greatest minds in modern history.  The inventor of AC/DC current, radio, radar, and many other such things.  He wanted to give the world free electric via towers that broadcast energy wirelessly, this was nearly one hundred years ago – he had the technology working but lost funding when investors realised he didn’t intend to make any profit from the technology.

Tesla once said that if you can understand the numbers 3, 6 and 9 than the mysteries’ of the Universe unlock themselves to you.  The knowledge of sacred numbers isn’t unique to Tesla, but goes far back into antiquity.  Numbers also form a part of the foundation of many secret societies, one of the most well known being the Freemason use of the number 33.

The connection with numbers in Battlestar Galactica is well established.  In fact the first episode of season one is titled simply, ‘33’.  In the final season, Anders calls mathematics ‘perfection’, which allows him to connect into the wondrous flow of the Universe.  It is also implied that the Hybrids have vast knowledge due to their connection with the data-stream/universe.  However such a connection lifts them to an entirely different plane of existence; they see reality very differently.

Mathematics is seen by many as a way to ‘deconstruct’ or ‘analyse’, whilst the truth is far from that.  Mathematics allows you to see the flow of the Universe.

Understanding mathematics is one of the keys to reality – there are two other keys.



The ancient church also understood the power of the numbers.  Before the modern diatonic scale of music, another scale was much used – it was called the Solfeggio Scale, and was employed by the church within many of their Gregorian Chants.  Very specific frequencies were used in the Solfeggio Scale, each dividable by 3, 6 or 9.

Music in Battlestar Galactica

Each frequency/note was said to possess a specific attribute.  Remember that this was understood many centuries ago; the note ‘Mi’ of 528hz was used for healing and ‘Transformation and Miracles’.  Today that very same frequency – 528hz – is used for DNA repair. 

Again Battlestar Galactica shows us the important of music upon the human race.  It was music that ‘activated’ the final four Cylons, just as it was music in its mathematical form that led the thirteen colonies to Earth.




Maths, Music and Geometry; these are the foundations of the Universe.  Geometry and Time are necessarily connected, as time is inseparable from space.   The effects of time dilation have played key parts in the story of Battlestar Galactica.  Anders mentions in the episode ‘No Exit’ that when the Final Five travelled from Old Earth to the Twelve Colonies they were travelling at relativistic speeds,– hence they aged only a few years whilst thousands of years passed in the outside world.  The same effect occurred during the exodus of the 13 Tribes from Kobol.  Time dilation also may play a part in the return of Starbuck after she had been missing for two months, yet had only experienced a few days herself.

When Chief Tyrol was in the Temple of Five, he knew there was something he needed to understand about the temple.  Temples, Churches and other such buildings are all constructed to specific measurements which take into consideration the connection between mathematics, geometry and music.  This is known as Sacred Geometry.


Spirit and Soul

Traditions from the ancient East, speak of sacred energies within the human body.  These are often referred to as the Chakra system.  The energy which flows through the Chakra points of the body is known as Kundalini Energy, this energy is tied directly into sexual energy and is studied in the Tantric practices.  Kundalini energy travels along the spine and up into the Crown Chakra at (or above) the top of the head.  Cylons are shown to possess this same (or very similar) energy during a very early scene between Six and Baltar as well as a scene between Helo and Sharon.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the show is how it depicts artificial intelligence and its relationship to the human condition.  The human is a funny thing; it is unknown what makes us tick – we have an aspect within us that cannot be measured nor grasped yet we all experience it.  We cannot tell another person what it is to experience life, no one can be told what it is – yet we all know because we each experience it.  Some call this the ‘soul’.  But the label is largely irrelevant.  Within the series Six often claims to have a soul, as does the cylon Leoben on more than one occasion, this naturally causes much contention among the humans.  After all how can machines have souls?

Yet the possession of a soul is not measureable.  In one of his final talks, the philosophical and spiritual speaker Jiddu Krishamurti discussed this very subject.  He pointed out the machine like activity of his listeners – asking that his words not be taken offensively – he points to each of our daily routines which are carried out without thought.  Machine like.  Later he talks of genetic engineering and then the development of artificial intelligence.  He asked his listeners to consider what may happen when these two areas of technology finally meet; that the arrival of aware machines is inevitable.  What then, he asks will be the difference between these machines and you?

‘And don’t say that you have a soul, because the machines will say that too.’

The possession of a soul is not measureable – it can only be experienced.


It is implied that Hera is the Mitochondrial Eve, the most recent common ancestor for all modern humans.  Every one of us on Earth today can trace our genetic hereditary back to the Mitochondrial Eve, one of the first anatomically modern humans whom lived around 140,000 to 150,000 years ago.

Hera Agathon Battlestar Galactica - the Mitochondrial Eve

The Bible speaks of the sons of the Elohim descending from the heavens to unite with the daughters of man.   

It is only the rational mind that discounts the gap in the fossil record – the so called ‘missing link’.  There are many who have long believed that the missing link is that there is no missing link.  There are many historical documents which give this same account again and again.

There is a period of time in far history, when humans suddenly and unexplainably leaped from hunter-gathers, and settled down to construct habitats and learned to cultivate land.  This is still a disquieting and unexplained phenomenon.  Consider that during those times of pre-history, before humanity learnt to grow food there were no useable plants to take as crops.  It is known that the first settled agricultures sprung up spontaneously at different points on the planet.  It is also known that the wild plants which were then available could not have been used to create edible grain.  The modern explanation for this is that before humans became agriculturalists – whilst we were still hunter-gatherers we learnt how to crossbreed various wild plants to develop the modern grain.  This is a process which we still cannot achieve with modern technology.  And it has been estimated that even by using the ‘cross-breeding’ method of wild plants – achieving an edible modern crop would have taken approximately 3,000 years.  That’s quite a long-term plan for a people without language or symbols.

It is just as interesting to note that modern archaeology shows that all cultures on earth ‘suddenly began’.  There is no evidence to support a gradual development of culture.

The world of Forbidden-Archaeology is literally littered with hundreds of unexplained cases like this.  It is worth taking time to look into the many ‘out of place artefacts’ that have been discovered.

Something Greater

Baltar:  ‘There’s another force at work here, there always has been. It’s undeniable, we’ve all experienced it, everyone in this room has experienced events that they can’t fathom let alone explain away by rational means…!’

Is reality infused with something hidden, intangible but greater than all of us?  Is the universe merely a result of uncounted interactions of matter and energy, all explainable by the rational mind?

Is it both?

Baltar there are greater forces

There are many things in reality that are more than the sum of their parts.  When you deconstruct those things – you lose their essence.  You cannot find the radio signal by deconstructing the radio.  The static mind of those that analyse blind themselves to reality; Baltar a man of science displays a character entrenched within his own world view.  A world of compartmentalization, rules, systems and science; these are the systems of humanity.  Baltar mistakes his tools for reality.  Science then is a way of describing something – but it is not the thing that is being described any more than a resume is the person.

Baltar: ‘Whether we want to call that God or Gods or some sublime inspiration or divine force that we can’t understand, doesn’t matter…doesn’t matter!  It exists…’

Years later, after experiencing events that are beyond the rational mind, Baltar has learnt to step away from his tools and more importantly has escaped the all encompassing grip of his Ego.  He starts to see the dynamic flow of the universe.  He sees the essence of the universe – the essence which is greater than the sum of its parts.  Everything is connected.  Baltar begins to see the intangible, un-measureable lines which create those connections.

We live in a flow of seemingly disparate events – each of which can be analysed, broken down or labelled.  We look outwards at the world, from the events that are nearest us to those that are furthest away.  Thus we attribute the closest events as the most important and the distant as least important.   Surely it is the opposite that is true.  The events of the solar system – the current changes it is experiencing – events in the outer laying universe as stars, planets and entire galaxies move.  These things are immeasurable against which our daily concerns are inconsequential.  Thus Baltar turns his gaze, and starts to look from the outside, inwards towards his inner-being.  Attributing more importance to those large unexplainable things which hold all of humanity within its hands, and then moving his focus inwards towards the events which are occurring around him and within him.  Suddenly everything takes on an entirely new context; reality becomes understandable.  He understands finally that just because something can be understood – it doesn’t follow that it can be explained.

Greater Forces at Work

Reality is immeasurable, it can only be experienced.

Thus the rational mind of the ego learns its place in the scheme of things – and the true Baltar emerges.  A man of compassion.

Galactica shows us how to perceive the metaphysical world.  A world that is dynamic, a world full of the unexplainable.  A world that is not confined to the static mind of labels, analysis and rationalisation.   Galactica then draws the lines which connect the invisible world into our lives, so that we may experience both the invisible and unexplainable as well as the visible and explainable.  It turns reality on its head, throws everything into disarray causing us confusion – breaking our egos – until we finally realise that this is exactly how things are meant to be.

It tells us how we have become so absorbed with our tools and systems that we have lost our connection with reality.  And as these systems are torn away over the course of the series, the survivors of the thirteen colonies finally understand.  They cast away their technology, their ships, their systems and sciences.  They cast away the collective ego of humanity and break the cycle.  Returning to the tribal world of the past, except carrying with them all the knowledge and understandings their experiences have brought them.

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Brainwave Entrainment CDs

Posted on July 21, 2008
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I haven’t been around a lot lately, and I keep on planning on get my focus back here. It will come – but there have been a lot of things going on in life that have kinda taken my attention. That said, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of meditating here and there, and have even got hold of some new Brainwave Entrainment CDs. These things often turn out to be tiny little adventures in themselves.

If you’re a regular reader here, you will know I have quite a thing for brainwave entrainment. Recently I discovered the Gamma Frequency, now this is an area of the mind which hasn’t had a whole lot of research put into it. In fact there is some dispute as to just what the gamma frequency is all about. As we know, the beta frequency of around 12hz to 38hz is our everyday frequency – mixed in with a fair bit of alpha here and there. Gamma kicks things up a notch, and exceeds frequencies of over 70hz.

Now the contention is that this is a highly inspirational state of mind. It has been noted in meditators of various kinds, it has also been recorded during moments of insight, inspiration and intuition. What do I think? Well I believe that humans are more than the some of our parts – and that parts of our consciousness exist outside of what is classified the physical realm. We already know that on occasions people are able to reach ‘higher states of consciousness’. I believe that when these higher states occur it is reflected in our brainwave frequencies. In essence the frequencies are a symptom showing that something is happening – as opposed to the idea that the brainwave frequencies cause such occurrences. That said – it is pretty clear that entraining our brains to certain frequencies does indeed have an effect upon our consciousness. So maybe it is a two way process – energy shifting through the gateway that is the brain.

At any rate, the research into brainwave entrainment is an ongoing process – and one I find fascinating because it deals with the ‘hidden’ aspects of human consciousness. It faces the unknown squarely in the face, and as yet hasn’t been tied down by the conventions of traditional sciences.

In the end whether a person is interested in meditation or not, we all have a common bond when it comes to the fact that we all experience consciousness.  And the fact that we can begin alter and explore the vastness of our consciousness simply by playing a CD, really should be cause for joy.

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